Nkasi Wodu
Nkasi Wodu

To Ensure Free, Fair and Just elections in Nigeria, Impunity Must Be Stopped

The slow administration of Justice aids impunity in Nigeria. And this is one of the reasons violent conflicts are entrenched in various parts of the country.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines impunity as “exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.” Impunity could also mean freedom from punishment or omission of punishment. It denotes a situation where a person or group of persons engage in an action that may be injurious to some people or group but […]

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How Nigerian Elections Democratize Violence

As violent conflicts proliferate across the country, it has several implications for overall security and the 2019 elections.

“Elections 2015: Solider, three others killed in Rivers” was the headline on a National Newspaper in Nigeria after the 2015 general elections. This type of violence had become the norm for elections in Africa’s most populous country. Nigeria has had a checkered history with violence during its elections. Since the 1964 Federal Elections, where politicians […]

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Organised crime in the Niger Delta and its implications for 2019

The aftermath of the 2015 presidential elections represented one of the most violent periods in the Niger Delta since the end of the 2009 militancy. This has had lasting implications for communities and businesses alike. Now, looking forward to the 2019 elections in the region, the stakes for violence and their impacts remain high.

A 1975 UN definition of organized crime says it is “…large scale and complex criminal activity carried on by groups of persons, however loosely or tightly organized, for the enrichment of those participating and at the expense of the community and its members.” In addition, organized crime networks have generally been known to “… employ violence […]

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